The Queens of ‘Cue are Saga and Ruth. We love to cook, eat and share meals.

In 2010 we embarked on a Lenten butchers feast. Aided by YouTube and this article in the Guardian, we butchered a whole lamb on Ruth’s dining room table, inviting friends to partake in a weekly gathering on the lenten feast day. Each meal featured a different cut of lamb and culminated on Easter Sunday with the last leg of lamb.

We love to use food as a medium for creativity and as a catalyst for sparking community through shared meals, so in 2011 we decided to challenge ourselves to a new, meatier project.

And thus Queens of ‘Cue was born. Combining Saga’s love of creativity, celebration and community with Ruth’s intrepid culinary spirit we decided to run a series of feasts in the style of a supper-club. Each feast features a different beast cooked low and slow over ashen coals and perfumed with the smoke of Apple, Cherry and Maple wood.

Come and join us.


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  1. claudia said

    please can you add me to your mailing list? – many thanks x

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