a pig named Sue

June 29, 2011

Amid much excitement, anticipation (and absolute sheer terror on my part) the Queens of ‘cue ‘Supperclub’ was born on Saturday 25 June 2011.

The highlight of each feast we are hosting will be a barbecued beast and to kick us off we spit-roasted a suckling pig, on a barbecue complete with a mechanised spit built specially for us.

Photo: M. Willcocks

We spent a long while calling our little piggy ‘him’ until further inspection revealed that he was in fact a she. There was also great debate over whether or not it would be distateful to give ‘him’ a name.

In the end, one of the guests pronounced that Sue was its name, and that, rather fittingly, settled the matter.

The tables were laid in Saga’s roomy studio, which has the added advantage of industrial sized windows that light up the space beautifully.

Besides serving great food we really want our Supperclub to inspire conversation about it, and cooking a whole beast certainly worked to inspire discussions and questions, on both the humorous and serious side of the food chain.

We all munched on crackling whilst chatting and waiting for Sue to rest and be carved up (and we totally forgot to put an apple in her mouth!)…

…and served on a platter

a starter of grilled peppers, home-made sourdough bread, pork terrine, salad and pickles

after feasting on suckling pig, cornbread, black beans in molasses, celeriac and apple coleslaw there was just about room to squeeze in a Pear and ginger sorbet or Blood orange negroni granita

Before launching Queens of ‘cue we had many discussions about how we wanted to use great food to bring people together. The community aspect is vital to us. And naturally of course, any community is made up of individuals.

The collection of great characters who participated in our feast meant the end result was far more than the sum of its parts – no matter which way you add it up.

The next feast is Lamb and Goat, on Saturday 9 July. We’d love you to join us. To book please email queensofcue@yahoo.co.uk.

Thanks to Helen MacFarlane, Marta and Marcus Willcocks for supplying photographic evidence


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